frequently asked questions

Will you be the only one shooting my wedding?

This is optional but I do like to have a second photographer on bigger weddings. It allows me to capture more moments and be more focused.  On smaller events like elopements or engagement sessions, it’ll just be me and my gear.


How long have you been shooting?

I started shooting in 2012 professionally, but as far back as 2005!  My first wedding was along the Kaministiquia River in Thunder Bay, ON and then things got busy from there. Since then I have shot more than 50 weddings in Northwestern Ontario, Toronto, Alberta, as well as destinations abroad. 


What’s your favourite type of wedding to photograph?

Outdoors and intimate. I love when a couple isn’t afraid to be bold and different. But my favourite weddings tend to be fun and adventurous. Emphasis on fun.


How much do you charge?

Rates depend on availability and location.  Each wedding is unique in needs and desires. Send me a message and I can walk you through my investment guide.


Are you flexible with your pricing?

I do offer discounts for a few different situations.  Off-peak season weddings (November-March), and small venues for second-time celebrations. Through the years I have learned that some couples can have destination weddings and then wish to do something with more people back at home as well. These are typically smaller reception style events which do not require the entire suite of services. 


Do you shoot only weddings?

The quick answer is no. Most of my time off the wedding scene is with engagements, families, new moms and dads, portraits, and other celebratory events (baptisms, graduations, communion, birthdays, etc.).  Beyond working with people, my favourite time is spent on travel and landscape photography, a lot of my inspiration for weddings and engagements comes from places and scenery I have experience home and abroad. 


What’s the deal with engagement sessions?

Engagement sessions are the first time we get to work together as a team. It lets me know what you’re comfortable with as a couple and you get a feel of how I will work on the day of your wedding.  Engagement sessions are a great way to learn that everyone experiences the same fear of being in front of a camera! And the most common answer after the session is, "that was actually fun." 


What should we wear?

While there is no one thing you should wear, there are certain things that work better than others. Bright bold colours and patterns I usually warn against.  They can be distracting.  I always tell my couple to wear something comfortable but more earth-toned and muted. Again though, this is all personal choice so if you want to rock a green shirt I won’t stop you!


Can you do my Pinterest shot list?

While I may oblige one or two Pinterest shots I typically ask my brides not to provide them for a few reasons. Firstly, it distracts from my own creative flow when you’ve hired me for my vision and creativity.  Secondly and most importantly, often times those photos you see on Pinterest are in complete fantasy.  They’re photographed for style blogs and editorial shoots which doesn’t translate perfectly on a real wedding day. So I’m not saying I won’t, but I’m not saying it makes sense in a perfect world either

When will my images be ready?

The industry norm is 5-8 weeks, but I try to have them done as quickly as possible!


I like what I see. How can I book you for my wedding?

Email me to see if your date is available. Get to know my style by checking out the website, and if you’re in town let’s grab
a coffee or beer and chat about your big day. Then, when you’re ready to move forward, a 50% deposit will reserve your date. All forms of payment are accepted.


Do you travel?

Yes, a lot. I’ve photographed weddings all over the country and in many other parts of the world. If you’re planning an international wedding/elopement I can fill you in about my travel requirements. I keep it really simple.


Do you have backup equipment if something fails?

Yes, I always have backup equipment as any good professional should.


Will you have a beer with the bridal party after the wedding?

It is my sincerest hope we can all enjoy a cold drink and continue to enjoy the rest of the night. Or you can send me packing!


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